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Thank you. We can't do it without you

Bendigo Bank has been a long standing sponsor of BMQ through its very generous support towards our Quilt Shows and Weekend Workshops/Retreats.

ARECT Landscapes is a local landscaping business. Last show Aaron and his team, picked up, erected, took down and  returned all the frames we use to hang the quilts. This was becoming an onerous task as everyone is getting older and we were looking at having to pay someone to do it at considerable cost. Aaron stepped up for our last show and  will do so again in 2024. He and his team do this voluntarily and gratis.

Logo - Katoomba RSL.png

Katoomba RSL have been very generously supporting our Community Quilts Program for the last two years, and hopefully will do so in the future.

Logo - DigitLFX.jpg

 DIGITLFX is our preferred supplier for getting things printed. They also did our banners for the Quilt Show. Great customer service, price and quick turnaround.

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